Restore Your Passion!!!

Live With Passion – Tony Robbins


Some people would argue that the driving force behind all things is passion. Although things can be created without passion, it is very difficult to sustain things in life without it. Passion gives many people the excitement to wake up in the morning and take on the world. I once heard that without passion life becomes boring, relationships are mundane, and you don’t blaze new trails. Without passion life lacks direction, force, intensity and acuteness. However with passion life for a young lad would be spent dreaming of flying airplanes and when he grew to maturity accomplish his dream (Hello Demond). With passion a young girl will dream of dancing and grow up moving through a set series of movements with or without music (Hello Jessica). Passion is a deep-seated God-given emotion ready to be directed in a specific area. Remember John Wesley once said, “when you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn.”

Have you lost your passion? Are you searching for ways to rekindle the flame that was once lit in your life?  Here are a few practical ways to restore your passion:

1)    Make sure you have a fireplace 

One of the hardest things for one log to do is to sustain. When I am on the grill queing some meat, one of the first things I do is make sure all of my charcoals are in a close pile together. It is not until after they have fully lit do I spread them out. I believe there is a lesson in this for us; we should gather together with other passionate people to rekindle our fire and have a safe place for us to ignite. Passion needs to be fed in order to keep blazing, and the power of passionate people will affect our flames.

2)    Your Fire Needs To Be Stoked

Paul writes to the young man Timothy and tells him that he needed to stoke his fire. Paul didn’t doubt that fire was blazing on the inside, but Paul reminded him that he needed to keep the fire alive. Fan into the flame literally is for you to “fan the embers into flame and not let them die out.” Whatever gift God has given you to exercise, keep kindling afresh that fire and watch “people come and see you burn.” Stoke your flame by allowing the wind of the Holy Spirit to breathe on you.

3)    Focus Your Fire

Have you ever seen a person passionate without direction? They are burning up everything. The destruction of uncontrolled passion can be seen in the examples of wildfires that sweep across plains. In the World of Warcraft a fire that is focused increases your damage and the critical strike of your special abilities. Paul writes to the Romans and expounds on how many of his brethren had zeal (passion) but lacked in knowledge. They in essence were all over the place, thus in their passion they lacked spiritual wisdom and enlightenment even to the point of persecuting and murdering our Savior. Focus your fire by seeking the Lord for wisdom, enlightenment, and direction.

4)    Take Time To Rest

Remember that tending to fires and burning for a cause can possibly lead to burn out. It is imperative that we take time in the midst of our fireworks to rest awhile and rejuvenate so that the Lord can revive us for continual service. Be sure to pull away from the crowds for a time of one-on-one with the fire starter.


Do you need to restore your passion? Do you need to pray and ask God to ignite a passion within you? What are some ways you rekindle your flame? What is your passion? How are you using your passion? How can I pray with you?