A man who is dealing with unemployment, uncertainty, and misunderstandings takes his own life…

A mother of several kids is doing it all alone and in over her head, feels she has no hope and murders her kids and herself…

A pastor of a small church teaching sound doctrine closes down after several years because lack of support…

A business owner invest life earnings and no one comes and is forced to close business…

An ex-con tries to do it by the book, seeking to turn his life around, but continues to hear rejection turns to the only thing he knows to make a living…

Oftentimes we see people who throw in the towel and we wonder “why?” If only we would become proactive and not reactive we may just be the support that person needed to go a little further.

My Father tells a story about a pastor who met with a couple. They were experiencing hard times and the pastor begin to pray on eof those “super spiritual” prayers…”Father, I pray you bless this couple. I pray that you provide all their needs according to your riches and glory in Christ Jesus…I decree and delcare that their needs will be met…”

Meanwhile as he was praying, the pastor felt a tug of the heart and the voice of God saying “what they need is in your pocket”

So often the support (prayer, provision, and participation) is within our reach and capability; if you only would be sensitive enough to the Spirit of God and become more proactive instead of reactive!!!! – Grace and Peace #Transform


What are some ways we can become more supportive? What are examples of how a person could support the individuals listed? Thoughts?

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