Jonah Pt 2 Running To God

While in the belly of the fish, Jonah prays to God and realized that God delivered him and he vows to obey His commands.

Part 1


Part 2


Monday: Read Jonah 2

What do you think Jonah thought and felt initially? (share question on social media)

Tuesday: Why do you think sometimes we have to get to our lowest? (share question on social media)

Wednesday: Why does God answer Jonah? (share question on social media)

Thursday: Reflect on a difficult situation or disobedient time that God delivered you from. As you reflect, offer unto God praise and thanksgiving for His grace extended to you.

Friday:  Find a Psalm of Thanksgiving and repost on social media #JonahSeries #ArkBibleFellowship


Robert, known by many as SE7EN, is a successful musician, speaker, poet, stepper, mime, actor, comedian, and producer. SE7EN, which means “completion” or “perfection,” symbolizes the completion that is found in his relationship with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While many would call such a person, “a jack of all trades and master of none,” Robert has adequately ascertained the tagline, “master of integration” for his uncanny ability to master the integration of various artistic expressions with his faith.

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