…I envision a church where God’s Word is elevated…exalted in authority, taught with relevance, heard with eagerness, obeyed with passion, studied with expectation, communicated with love, honored with reverence, and utilized for encouragement. A church where the people of God are equipped for ministry effectiveness; where 2 Timothy 2 is focused and purposeful, producing a host of mature men and women capable of multiplying their lives in qualified others…I dream of a church where people know their callings and gifts and are unleashed into significant spheres of ministry responsibility to fulfill them; where the body take ownership of the purpose, vision, and ministries of the church.


Robert, known by many as SE7EN, is a successful musician, speaker, poet, stepper, mime, actor, comedian, and producer. SE7EN, which means “completion” or “perfection,” symbolizes the completion that is found in his relationship with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While many would call such a person, “a jack of all trades and master of none,” Robert has adequately ascertained the tagline, “master of integration” for his uncanny ability to master the integration of various artistic expressions with his faith.

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