Inspiration comes in the form of a lot of things; one way a person can be inspired is through quotes from others. Here are a few inspiring quotes. 

If you can extract nutrients from manure, why can’t you find the good in your mess. It is all a matter of appropriate application. Stop looking at your messy situations as simply mess, rather ask God how to extract the nutrients and where to apply them.

Robert L. Wagner

Forgiveness is like going to the edge of a cliff and throwing a frisbee as far as you can, knowing you will never see it again.

Robert L. Wagner

Often times the cost of missing out on the opportunity could prove costlier than messing up the in the opportunity.

Robert L. Wagner

The only way to eat an elephant is to take one bite at a time, and the only way to climb Mt. Everest is to take one step at a time. That which seems impossible, insurmountable, or inconceivable, only takes small steps in the right direction and before long you will see incredible progress. – Robert L. Wagner

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