Free Bootcamps

Join us for our free workouts in different parts of the city. .

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Super 7 Bootcamp

Our super 7 bootcamps are designed to burn fat, build endurance, and create an atmosphere of excitement and support.
Our Super 7 Bootcamps are simply $7 each bootcamp session.

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Individual Training

Personal Training sessions range from short term to long term sessions.

4 Sessions – $120
8 Sessions – $200
12 Sessions – $240


Contact Robert for prices

Personal Training ABCs

ABCsOfPersonalTraining (Download)


Having a personal trainer helps you revise your current workout programs that you can maximize your effectiveness and keep your workout exciting and efficient. 

Beginner to Advanced

Having a personal trainer helps all levels of fitness. 


The greatest athletes in the world have coaches because coaches are objective and able to make sure you use proper form and technique during all aspects of training. 


When you have a dedicated trainer to his own goals you are more likely to take seriously this partnership for your goals.


Your personal trainer can help you save time and money by having a thorough workout, pre-planned for you to do based on your overall fitness goals. 


Personal trainers helps you get a jump start on your overall fitness goals, so that the fire is lit in you and your take it to the next level. 


I am a certified professionals that stay constantly in touch with the newest information and techniques. Therefore, I will aid in your gaining a better grasp of proper form, techniques, nutrition, etc therefore reducing the risk of injury and failure. 

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