Wrestling with God!!!

How many of us actually wrestle with God? Or rather, how many of us continue earnestly in prayer. Prayer is simply the vehicle by which we communicate to God, yet many of us treat our relationship with Father like the old married couple, who have heard it all and has nothing more to say but a few things here and there. Rather we must be persistent in our communicating with Father, for consider Moses who intervened on behalf of Israel over and over again. Or Abraham who cried out to God on behalf of self centered Sodom Let this blog serve as an arm for battle. However, the enemy, or opposition is an unlikely one…it’s God! Thus, we must be ready to bear the consequences that come with it, because people have walked away with their hips out of joint and a lifelong limp. It’s as one wrtier says, “whoever wrestles with God in prayer puts his whole life at stake.”

We have heard it said many times that prayer changes things, rather prayer changes perspectives. Do you know that some times semingly awful things happen to those who pray? They end up giving strange proclamations, sitting in strange places, and being in strange positions. For consider the life of Elijah who gave a strange proclamation to check the sky, in a strange place on Mt Carmel, sitting in a strange position with his head between his knees. Or Moses who was sent to a strange place, not knowing where he was to go. Or what about Jesus being tempted and tested as a result of his prayers.

This stands in strong contrast to the glib, self centered, prayers of our day. Much of the contemporary church has lost its reverence for God. He is too often viewed as a genie in a bottle that you can rub a certain way or say a magic formula to “move” his immutable hand. He is proclaimed to be “obligated” to deliver what we want. However, true prayer oftens involves struggling and grappling with God, proving to Him the deepest concern of our heart’s. Prayer is to be a consistent and courageous struggle from which the believer says I won’t let go until you bless me, although he may walk away limping.

Are you ready to engage in combat?

As a believer we must always pray. It should be a moment by moment day by day striving to gain an unbroken consciousness of the Lord.

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