Congratulations!!! We Believe!!!

Growing up as an ardent sports fan, and always believing the home team should received my avid support. I remember collecting the baseball cards of players and coaches like Jim Sundberg, Ruben Sierra, Julio Franco, Sammy Sosa (first run with team), Pudge Rodriguez, Bobby V, Johnny Oates, etc. Going to my first baseball game as an 8th grader and witnessing plenty more games on TV, being a Rangers fan has come with many disappointing seasons. From starting strong and finishing weak to injuries the Rangers have failed to make a mark in the sports culture.

However, a few years ago the Rangers begin to turn the corner and the metroplex begin to “believe.” Believe that it was possible to build an incredible Farm System, believe it was possible to not win games by the long ball but an attention to detail, defense, pitching, and small ball. We believed that a young GM had what it took to make necessary deals and we believed it was great that the team faced bankruptcy. Now it seems the entire country believes in the Rangers and that they have a viable chance to bring home the most “coveted” team prize…The Commissioner’s Trophy! Therefore, we welcome all fans (new and old) to cheer and support our beloved Rangers. Because Giants do fall and Phillies are smoked, we enthusiastically welcome the Giants or Phillies. In doing so, we introduce our number one Giant Killer, namely Josh Hamilton. Whose story is highly chronicled and publicized. However, what may not be talked about is his commitment to Jesus Christ. Yet, whenever given the opportunity (and creating some) he let’s all know who is Lord and Savior.

Thank you Josh for your commitment to Christ and your incredible witness. Thank you Texas Rangers for providing us with excitement and something we never experienced in baseball; winners. Lastly, thank you to all the fans (new and old) for cheering on our team, they will need us like never before in the next round.

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