Rangers Keys to Victory

Keys to the Series:

1)    Hit ‘Em in the Lincecum – Rangers have to be patient at the plate and hit the pitches Tim gives. He will top off at 91/92 MPH so they have to watch for their pitches.

2)    Base running will be paramount. The Rangers have to do a good job of keeping the pitchers off balanced by threatening to run. Therefore, getting on base at all cost is a positive. Walks, hit by pitches, and Antler time (out hustling the opposition to the bag)

3)    The Bull Pen has to step it up a notch. Manager Ron Wash just added Mark Lowe a powerful right hander to the roster for this series to off set the right handers. Neftali Feliz has to pitch above himself. Strong (98-100) and Smart (Command your pitches)

4)    Hitters 7-9. Give us .200+ BA. This will be a great addition to our lineup. (Unsung Heroes: Mitch Moreland and Jorge Cantu)

5)    Fan Base!!! It has to be electric. 1st time ever hosting National Championship in the area (Cowboys Stadium will soon be hosting Super Bowl) but let’s push our boys with our support and cheers.

6)    At minimum let’s split first 2 games in San Francisco. We want to come back with the ball in our court. Where we can win it all at home.

7)    Don’t believe the hype. Play your brand of baseball and don’t allow the national media to give you over-confidence. It’s nice to be favorites but we much rather fly under the radar like we been all post season.

Rangers win in 6 (Although my heart wants 5 and the league wants 6 or 7)

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