Rejuvenate Marketplace

Fam!!! Marcus and I have the opportunity to attend this conference entitled Rejuvenate Marketplace. Let me start off by speaking backwards…WOW!!! I am blown away by the excellence and creative approach these organizers have and are exhibiting.

Rejuvenate Marketplace is an innovative conference designed specifically for meeting planners who organize meetings and conferences for faith-based organizations. It’s a planner’s best friend — destination information, peer-to-peer networking, education and solutions. You’ll return to your organization refreshed and armed with new practices and resources. Basically, think of a trade show where people try to attract visitors to their booths by giving away trinkets, in order to solicit the planner/promoter’s business to their area. Well, this is the exact opposite than a trade show. Rejuvenate Marketplace invites planners and suppliers to one location and in a speed dating style called appointments, the planner gives a pitch and the supplier “sells” their venues in a 7 minute time span. Now you see why I spoke backwards, right?

In addition, we have incredible conference speakers by:

* George Barna (founder of Barna Research Group

* Jason Dorsey (Bestselling Author at age 18, smh)

* Bobby Bowden (Former Head Coach of FSU)

* Etc

The networking opportunities and fellowship has also been tremendous and it is only the first day here. I cannot wait for the main sessions, “appointments”, educational sessions, food, and Kirk Franklin to close us out. Thank you to our sponsors, our families and profs for understanding as we journey to get further training and resources to glorify the King.

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