Is it wrong to pledge a frat/soror? (Ask Robert Series)

Do you think that it’s wrong for Christians to pledge sororities and fraternities? I must say, you all are not letting me off the hook here, lol….great questions and I encourage you to keep them coming.

Do I think it’s wrong? Wow…. The Bible does not give any dogmatic instruction concerning frats/sorors…meaning there is nothing that says “do not pledge” or “the works of the flesh is fraternities, etc” However, I want to give you a few biblical principles and ask you a question that has been so very helpful in my life, after you have gathered this information, etc…what is the wisest thing to do? The bible talks about different kinds of friendships true (1 Sam 18:1-3) close (Prov 18:24) unfaithful (Job 19:14-19) false (2 Sam 16:16-23) wordly (James 4:4)

Let’s look deeper at James for a minute. The Greek word used for friendship here is philia, which is a fondness or love in a sense of deep emotional attachment. The writer James is explaining here that those individuals that exhibit a deep longing and love for the things are this world are exhibiting that they are not redeemed. Friendships has dangers associated with it, especially ungodly ones….for instance they may entice you to sin (Deut 13:6) they can be untrustworthy (Ps 41:9) Let me digress for a moment and give you some possible reasons people want to join a fraternity.

  1. identity (as a Christian we find our identity in Christ Jesus)
  2. step (I have been stepping apart from a frat for over 15 years…in fact been stepping for Christ since 15 in some form or another)
  3. community service (as Christians we are called to serve our neighbors…and called to reach out, or outreach)
  4. for networking (the Bible says promotion comes not from the east or west but from God – Ps 75:6)
  5. brother/sisterhood (in the body of Christ I have true brotherhood)
  6. to affect change (do you really need to join a fraternity to affect change)
  7. to make a difference in the fraternity (couldn’t you do this very thing from the outside or even evangelize and equip someone who is already a part to do this)

2 Corinthians 6:14-16 is many times only addressed when it comes to people getting married. However, this particular script deals with partnerships, or relationships with the world. in regards to this passage John Macarthur says, “Christians are not to be bound together with non-Christians in any spiritual enterprise or relationship that would be detrimental to the Christian testimony within the body of Christ.” I will leave you with these final words. When I was in college I wanted to pledge a particular frat (very bad I might add). I was the individual at the age of 13 studying the Greek alphabet and history of fraternities to decide which one would suit me. (Side note: I first became amazed and really aware of frats on the sitcom Different World…the exact episode was when Ron and Dewayne pledge Kappa Lamda Nu and at the end of the 30 minute show they were singing this song…We stand together and we stand tall, when you need a helping hand…I remember it like yesterday). Thus, I spent the next 4-5 years of my life inquiring from many different people. It wasn’t until I met Reese McWilliams, teacher at OD Wyatt and alum of UT Austin..member of Alpha Phi Alpha Frat Inc that I knew without a shadow of doubt where I was headed. Nonetheless, when I got to college things changed dramactically for me. I surrendered my life to the Lord and people began to associate me with Christ, bible studies, Men of Virture and Excellence, etc and truthfully I didn’t want to lose that. You are asking what do you mean….When someone isn’t a part of a fraternity they are Robert..or Robert, the Christian guy…but when they join the frat of choice they become…you know Robert, the “Frat”….and honestly, I didn’t want my witness for the kingdom to suffer. Also, when you join any organization, especially something as close knit as a fraternity/sorority you begin to be associated by the members of that frat. If your crew is whoring around, then you must be doing the same thing. Therefore, I had to ask myself the question, what is the wisest thing fo rme to do? I hope and pray that you hear my heart, that there is nothing wrong with joining, perse…however, you need to be ready for all the things that come along with it and understand why you are really joining. Whatever you do in word or in deed, make sure you are doing it as until to the Lord (Col 3:23,24)

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