If I was taller, I would be rocking stages across the globe with my phenomenal ball skills. Posterizing cats becoming the next Kobe Bryant Slam Dunk Giant. I would be endorsed by the greatest sports brand this generation has ever seen, embodying the slogan because I Did It!

IF I was faster, I would probably be on some track or field with artificial turf playing on Sundays. Being a symbol of hope for some inner city kid desiring to make it one day.

If I was smarter, I would be creating the newest technology to change the culture, or creating Jobs for Steve and them. If I was smarter I would be President and living a dream not deferred. I would know just how to manage people, time, and resources.

If I was “handsomer,” I would be featured in the latest magazines, big screens, small screens, and various ads. I would take pictures from my best side: the front.

But What If…I didn’t live my life in the if but in the since. Since I AM who God created me to be, why don’t I be all I was designed to be. Since I AM tall, I can stand as an example of an individual who took the cards he was dealt and played a great hand. Since I AM fast, be an example of an individual that sought the Lord whole heartedly today and not tomorrow. Since I AM smart, use that wit to learn more and teach well. Since I AM handsome, become the walking billboard for the Lord. Allowing my worship to be the flyer to the main attraction.

I encourage you to not be bound by the IF, but be free by the SINCE. Look at all God made you to be and find out ways to live well because of that. It is easy to live in the what if, but how many of you will take the challenge and live despite of your shortcomings.

From IF to SINCE!!!!!

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