Put the pedal to the metal…BUT

Many times in our life it seems as if we are not making moves. It seems like we have been eating and eating yet not making much ground. Or walking for days, months, even years but we keep coming back to the same rock. God never intended for this journey to be a circular route. Our God never intended for us to walk in the Spirit on a treadmill. Rather our God wants us to grab hold to the vision and in the words of my college bible study’s chant “Move baby Move.”


Vision creates in you a mission and a contagious spirit that is felt by others and they begin to walk alongside of you. Long hours of labor are more than freely given to accomplish any feat. Many of us live our lives and all of a sudden catch the vision, but what happens when you put the pedal to the medal but your feet won’t reach. Now I heard this quote from my play mother and everyone around me laughed because I heard it, I got it, and I immediately wrote it down. The reason I got it was I knew that “vision without resources was a hallucination” (Author Unknown) But I also knew that “without a vision the people perish, or cast off restraint” (Prov. 29:18). Though this passage speaks of the revelation of the Word of God, many times it is through the hearing and application of the Word that we receive our “unique” vision for life. However, because of inadequate resources, the vision seems to be so out of grasp. These resources might come in the form of people or paper, but the fact remains the lack of resources can make the vision seem far off.

But one thing I know about vision….it will make you do some strange things. Vision will make a college student take 77 hours in 3 semesters while holding down a full time gig (ask Robert). Vision will make you live on Ramen noodles (ask any college kid) be a newsboy on trains (ask Thomas Edison) or start off making $4 a month (Andrew Carnegie). Did you know that John D. Rockefeller started off making $6 a week or that Julius Caesar was an epileptic? Did you know that Beethoven was deaf? In the words of Helen Keller, “the worst thing than to be born blind is to live with no sight.” John C. Maxwell says, “look within you, look behind you, look around you, look ahead of you, look above you, and look beside you.” What do you feel? What have you learned? What is happening to others? What is the big picture? What does God expect of you? What resources are available to you?

One thing I know about God is when He gives you a vision, He will also give you provision. I like that! God will always give provision for His vision. Vision should always be greater than you. Jesus tells us that “His grace is sufficient for us that in our weakness He is made perfect” (2 Cor. 12:9-10). This speaks volumes to me, for when I am trying to put the pedal to the medal but it seems my feet won’t reach, my God will be like the little boy on Indiana Jones….you remember, He couldn’t reach the pedal so He had wood blocks on his feet. Our God will be unto our feet like the wood blocks erasing the in from inadequate; or making the inadequacy a metaphor of the adequacy that is coming from with-IN you. For greater is He who is in you than He who is in the world (1 John 4:4).

People with a vision gives little talk but does a lot. A person with vision finds strength from inner convictions and continues when problems arise. Let us get to grinding for the kingdom and watch God cover the rest. Your kingdom grind might not be like mine, in fact I am sure it will not be. God has called me to touch and affect the kingdom in an unique way, but you might be called to affect the kingdom by creating a fashion company that displays the authentic agape love of Yeshua (shameless plug for my boy A3). You might be called by God to articulate God’s heart through music. Maybe you are even called by God to own a limo service and share the love of Jesus to those whom you chauffeur. Whatever your niche is, grind it out for the kingdom wholeheartedly (Col. 3:23) and watch how God will give you sufficient grace for your insufficient resources. When you are frail, trust in God to enable you to prevail.




What is your vision? What obstacles have you had to overcome to keep pushing forward? What measures are in place for you to accomplish your vision?

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