“An opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.”  – Leonard Ravenhill

I have heard this statement quoted by several people over the past decade and it makes alot of sense to me. Many times we are fearful of seizing the opportunity because we are fearful. We are fearful that we don’t have it all figured out, or we are afraid of the unknown. Many times people look at me and think that I have seized every opportunity and then some, but I, too, am fearful at times. I also get caught in the trap of wanting it all figured out, or everything laid ahead of me before I move. This is why I strive and fight so hard. Let me introduce you to a man many of you may not know, but may know of his success.

He played the tight end position for BYU and was drafted in the 11th round by the San Francisco 49ers. Immediately cut during camp but was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys, who also cut him during camp. After two cuts and never playing pro football, this gentleman went back to his hometown and served as a volunteer wide receivers coach for a NAIA division school (University of Redlands) and split time assisting the Redlands High School programs out. One year later he became the graduate assistant at BYU before joining the staff of the 49ers as a public relations assistant director for two years.

Shortly after he became the tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator for the San Diego State University team for five years, He was named the offensive coordinator of  Utah State University, and improved the second-worst offense in Division I-A into a top-10 offense in only three seasons (1986–1988).

He was then hired as the assistant head coach and tight ends coach at Stanford by Dennis Green, serving both roles for three seasons (1989–91) and once Dennis Green made his moved to the pros, he called on his assistant coach to come with him. After seven seasons and setting incredible offensive records, he became the second coach in Ravens history (1999). In just his second season, Brian Billick led his team to become Super Bowl Champions.

What started as a volunteer job for college and high school athletes, ended as a professional champion. Brian Billick seized the opportunity within it’s lifetime and made the best of it. What opportunity do you see? What is holding you back? Often times the cost of missing out on the opportunity could prove costlier than messing up the in the opportunity. Open your eyes. Look around. What opportunities do you see?

You may want to be a preacher, but you have missed the opportunity of speaking to family and friends. Or, going to assisted living centers to proclaim God’s faithfulness. You may want to be a recording artist, but there are many opportunities for you to sing within your community. You may feel the call to pastor, but have you considered shepherding youth until God opens another opportunity. Or, the desire to be a fashion designer but you miss daily opportunities to step out as a fashionista.

My ultimate point is, don’t look at the opportunity before you as not for you, maybe that opportunity is an incubator to assist in perfecting your skills until the desired position comes your way.


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