A Portrait of a Proverbial Woman

I have had the privilege to be born into a family of great men and women (all in their own rights). One of those impactful women was my grandmother who passed away 8 years ago this month. She was respected by many and served her generation well as a leader. However, one of her greatest achievements was fulfilling Proverbs 31 in many aspects. Missionary Margaret Ann Cooper, I miss you very much! Here is a copy of a poem I wrote and was blessed to recite before our family and friends as we celebrated her 60th birthday with a party.

A Portrait of a Proverbial Woman (based on Proverbs 31:10-31)

A virtuous woman at least one man has found, for her value exceeds rubies and diamonds in multiple crowns. She is a necessity to some, or considered a must, her husband safely, in her, places his trust. She will do him good all the days of her life, even seeking fabric to make clothes look just right. When money’s funny, change is strange and credit won’t get it done, liken unto merchant ships, she goes to various places to get bargains and then some. I’ve witnessed all of this even when she arose while it was still night, to prepare food and make sure her house was “tight.” She’s considered land and rent houses and paid the price, growing in her own backyard is her garden, and I’ll be the first to say it’s nice. She negotiates, sews, and even plants sacrificial seeds, she works tirelessly and helps those with needs. Her husband is a preacher and leader in the city, also a reacher and an example in his community. She is strong, graceful, and full of faith, knowing God is always on time, never too early and never late. She is 40 plus (wink) with children, grand and great grand, and we all call her blessed, her husband praises and places her above the rest. Charm is deceitful and beauty has not yet passed from her away, but more importantly this woman honors God and deserves to be praised. Today let’s admire, respect and hold her in high esteem, praising God for what Margaret Ann Cooper has achieved.

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