Rejuvenate 2012


Revive us again!!!!

As a little kid, oftentimes the church I attended would have “revivals”. I am not sure the intended purpose of these events in all cases and at all churches (it seems they may have lost some of its luster and frequency over the years) but it was apparent to me that the ideal was for God to bring a freshness and/or vigor back into the hearts of the people individually and collectively.

As an event planner, church planter, and overall student I have learned (partly from studies in church planting led by Dr. Aubrey Malphurs) that there is a 5 step life cycle for all things in life (i.e. human growth, church, events, etc).

First, there is an Alpha or birth, which is always accompanied by thrill, tenacity and sometimes trepidation. This is the stage where those involved are super “stoked” and ready for the challenge that lies ahead, yet some fears accompany the excitement (e.g. will we make it, how will we pay for it, what does the future hold, etc). Let’s be clear this is an important stage because many haven’t even gotten here. Too many people are robbing our generation of the ideas, creations, musical pieces, etc that lie within them. Remember the only way to eat an elephant (if you so choose to do so) is one bite at a time. Secondly in the 5-step life cycle of all things comes that needed Boost or growth. In the boost phase, parents are excited about the first steps, potty training, eating table foods and going to school. In the boost phase, church workers are excited about members being added and developed and business owners are excited to see profit. However, there comes a stage that many fail to realize and that is when the event, ministry, business, human, and/or church reaches its Climax. In the climax stage, the person has reached his “prime” years, a church reaches “her” ceiling, and an event is at the cusp of its reach. If not careful this plateau for anything will be soon followed by a quick Decline, or descent. This is when attendees begin to dwindle, church members begin to decline, and/or a human starts saying stuff like “my knees, Oh Lord I am old” (lol). The last stage in the 5 step life cycle is that of The End.

Someone once said, “all good things must come to an end.” Although this statement has limitations (i.e. God, eternal life, etc), I can see where they are coming from. If it’s true that “almost all” good things come to an end, what do we do to sustain the longevity of the event, ministry, thing? One word reFresh!!!! (ok sorry for the stretch on the F) but we get Rejuvenated. The word rejuvenate means to restore to a former state, or make fresh or new again.

In doing ministry and events for over a decade I have learned that we need rest, refocus, and rejuvenation. The way we sustain a thing is to begin a new life cycle. In our church, we create fresh and exciting (not limited to just ideas) new logo, relocation, remodel, website, etc. As humans, we get physically fit, get a make over, start eating healthier, etc. As event planners, we find news way to do things differently. Someone once said, “if it ‘aint’ broke, don’t fix it” I reply to that “if it aint broke, break it and fix it back up.” Too often we are afraid to change what is going well in fear we will lose out; but just as Jesus prunes so that the person who bears fruit can bear more (and much – John 15) we should do the same in our ministries, events, etc.

This is one of things I love about Rejuvenate Meetings. Rejuvenate offers event planners an opportunity to Refocus, Reverie, and Realize the possibility of doing just this (creating a new life cycle) as Event planners and Suppliers come together to see how a mutual benefits can be achieved. Their Mission: To serve the meeting planning and group travel industry through innovative education and powerful networking opportunities — online, in print and in person.

I am excited about attending my 3rd Rejuvenate and continue to pray that our (P.H.A.T.B.O.Y. Productions) and my platform be expanded as we ‘Reach (Reach Up, Reach In, and Reach Out!)


What ministry, event, or idea do you need to rejuvenate? How can I join you in praying that God blows a fresh wind upon you and/or your ministry?

Consider this Fan Into The Flame Message Video by Me

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