Dead Stick Doing Big Things

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I am insignificant” or “I am limited?” Or maybe you thought of it this way, “I love The Lord andI love the fact that He saved me, but compared to so many others I am deprived of gifts and talents and insignificant to the body ofChrist.” Consider that the Bible has a few different perspectives, such as one body and many members (1 Cor. 12) but I want to focus our attention on something easily overlooked.

Photo Courtesy of Simon Dewey

When I consider the way God used the “rod of Moses” I am completely rocked. In the book of Exodus, God speaks to Moses from a burning bush to go proclaim to Egypt “Let my people go”. After some dialogue and questioning with God, Moses’ attention is brought to the thing in his hand, an approximately 6 foot dead stick. A stick that he would have probably held dear for the better part of 40 years, since He was a shepherd and shepherds clung to their rods. God commands him to toss it on the ground and as he obeyed it became a serpent. As He obeyed again he picks up the serpent by the tail and it became again a rod. Immediately God tells him to go and confront Pharoah with the rod in his hand. We know the story from here but for outline purposes:

* Aaron cast down the rod in front of Pharoah and it became a serpent (Ex 4:16)
* rod placed into the waters and turns waters into blood (Ex 7:15-17)
* Moses stretches forth the rod and plagues followed (frogs, thunder and hail, etc – Ex 8:1-10:15)
* what has became a rod of judgment to the Egyptians became the rod of supply for the children of Israel as they passed through divided waters to safety (Ex 14:16)
* the rod also brought military victory as it was held up (Ex 17:9)

However, through all these incredible accomplishments brought forth by a dead stick, an interesting verse is often not remembered or over-looked. It is found in Exodus 4:20 as Moses sets out for Egypt “…And Moses took the rod of God in his hand” The rod of Moses had become the rod of God. (Inserts Shout) Consider all the ways that God used this dead stick of wood, and consider how much more are you than a dead stick of wood. Though we are limited in resources, limited in talent, weak in energy, and sometimes emotionally unbalanced we are greater than a piece of wood. This rod in the hands of Moses did incredible things and I am sure would be a great candidate for a residence in a museum somewhere, however the key is the rod of Moses became the rod of God. Thus, as we begin this year with hopes, dreams and aspirations of doing incredible things for the kingdom of God, we must remember that we too have to transform what was entrusted to us to the voice of God (singer), fingers of God (musician), pen of God (writer/author), etc. Just as the little Hebrew boy placed his 5 biscuits and 2 sardines into the hands of Jesus and it fed 5,000 men (not including the women and children), little becomes much when we put it into the Master’s hands.

What are you desiring to accomplish this year? How can our community of faith pray with you this year? What do you have that you liken unto the dead stick of wood in Moses’ hand?

4 Replies to “Dead Stick Doing Big Things”

  1. Definitely a good read and understanding in what greatness we hold if we give it to God! Stay blessed, Brother!

    1. Indeed my brother, thank you for commenting. May God grace you and your efforts this year. Need to get you by the church soon.

  2. Love this reading and what it represents for those wanting more of God. I too, have so many things that I would like to accomplish this year and I know that with God’s hands on my life I will accomplish those things and more! GOD BLESS

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