Oftentimes we feel discouraged because of our lack of knowledge for a thing. We feel we don’t have enough information to really make a difference or offer solutions; however did you know that “innovation” is often at its highest in our lives when we know the littlest. I read once that Albert Einstein made one of his biggest discoveries right out of school when his overall knowledge was least. He discovered the concept that mass is a measure of energy, or disambiguation (E=mc2).

Whether or not you have an incredible amount of knowledge is no deterrence in discovering new and improved ways to accomplish things. As a kid I was always fascinated at how older people had “afro engineering” (to be nice) ways of doing stuff with limited education. As an adult, I’m fascinated at how kids create and think. Yet I am in no way suggesting we abort what has been working or abort learning; rather I am saying let’s also consider the possibility of new and improved ways to do things that has been done a certain way. Let’s explore! Let’s become more creative!!! It’s often when knowledge increase that we rely more on what we know, rather than discovering new things.

As believers we serve a God who is the chief creator, He made something out of nothing (ex nihilo). Each of us have the potential (to do what has yet to be done, accomplish what has yet to be accomplished, create what has yet to be created, etc) within us if we just tap into it and set it free from confinement, restraint or bondage. Too often we worry about what others would think, but who cares!!!! Many think/thought Einstein was “mad”, but he has literally impacted generations. STOP robbing our generation and START creating TODAY

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Robert L. Wagner



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  1. Yes, great reminder! “Too often we worry about what others would think….” this has been my issue when it comes to my writing. And just when I think I’m ready to go “who cares!”, I experience something that changes my mind. Just yesterday I was just outright attacked behind an illustration of something that I’d gone through in the past. It’s just so draining…

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