Carpe Diem

I once heard that “an opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.” I believe that greatness lies within each of us and we all have something to add of value to our generation; however, many within our generation don’t rise to the opportunity that are presented them. Will you take advantage of your opportunities?

Now the truly great ones realize that every opportunity (small or big) they encounter could be the only opportunity they have and that seized opportunity is preparation for something greater. Those who want to teach masses, are you teaching the one? Those who want to tour the world playing music, will you tour your city (nursing homes, small churches, schools, etc). My Father stated to me countless times as an adolescent, “proper preparation prevents poor performance” and it’s in the seizure of these small opportunities that can prepare you for greater ones.

Dr. King was one that seized many small opportunities throughout his tenure in college and as a young adult; therefore when a great opportunity knocked he was prepared and walked confidently through the doors. Carpe Diem, or seize the day; stop robbing our generation of the wealth within you…Be Great and Make A Great Day!!! Grace and Peace!!!


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  1. As recently as yesterday I was sitting in front of my computer “writing the vision,” if you will, of the many things that God has called me to do. As I did so, the thing that continually rose in my mind/ spirit was carpe diem- not in that terminology; rather “just start,” and “start now,” same difference though. As a man that do not believe in coincidence, I thank God for gracing me with this article/ blog. It will no doubt serve as fuel to my fire as I daily seek excellence in my God-given pursuits! Thank you for this article/ blog and the encouragement delivered thereby. Keep earnestly looking unto Him, knowing that the “promise” given you in 1 Corinthians 15:58 is in full effect. God bless!

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