Hello Everyone!!!! I have GREAT NEWS, my book is finally being published by Westbow Press( a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan) and I am so excited about what the future holds.

This is a book concerning the topic of prayer, which I believe is a great book to wet the curiosity of the believer and give practical things concerning prayer. Check out below…

About The Book

When we don’t communicate in relationships, they oftentimes lose the passion and intimacy they once had. This is true in natural relationships. It’s also true in our spiritual ones.

Author Robert L. Wagner provides an enlightening and brief survey concerning prayer, complete with biblical examples, prayer starters to assist in your daily conversation time, and devotionals to spark your reflection and maturity with the Father.

As Wagner states in his introduction: “Because it shows His desire to be involved in the affairs of His children; the biblical teaching of prayer emphasizes the character of God. Prayer also presupposes a belief in the personality of God, His ability and willingness to hold conversation with us, His sovereignty over everything and concern with the affairs of His creation.”

If you desire further understanding concerning the “vehicle by which we communicate to God,” then the daily guides contained in this book will help you initiate the conversation that God has longed to have with you. Likewise, if you are looking for the keys to a more powerful and successful prayer life, then this book is ideal.

The book will be sold at major retailers,,, etc…I would pray you consider purchasing your favorite format through me or one of these vehicles (Hardback, Softcover, E-Read). Thank you so much for your love and support and spread the word….


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