4 Tips To Engaging Subtle Shifts In Our Culture

Is it just a cup or the epidemic of a larger issue?

Just like many things, how many of those offended will still give their power (time, resources, attention, etc) to Starbucks? How many of us are offended by what is perpetuated over the airways and still watch the show? Now I am clearly not saying that Christians should be offended by the consistent “disrespect” of Christmas, actually we have long since forgot the meaning of the man-made “holiday.”  We have replaced the time to celebrate the birth of Christ with gift giving, trees, lights, family feuds, debt, and everything else. (See blog entitled How Can Anyone Miss Christmas?)  

Solomon said, “catch for us the little foxes…”

Why do we have to pay attention to the subtle shifts in our culture? Because over the course of time those incremental temp checks become outrageous fires that we cannot put out (destroys the vineyard – Song of Songs 2:15). Again, I am not personally advocating theme cups or not, because there are much more pressing issues to address. Yet I want to use this as an opportunity to again say, the reason the LGBT, women’s rights, animal cruelty and any other activist group out there are effective, is because when they are offended they let the world know, feel, and see.

Christians have for a long time allowed subtle offenses to creep into their homes and sit idly by embracing them. When we allow room for accommodation, it leads to assimilation. Assimilation over the course of time leads to our participation and that participation becomes the individuals identification.

There is a God honoring way for us to show our disapproval.

1st – Be Loving
It starts with loving the ones God loves. 1 Corinthians 13 details just how loving others should work, and playing tick for tack is definitely not that way. Love conquers all, and if we want to win the world we must ourselves be loving.

2nd – Be Attractive
We can’t expect to make a difference if we are not appealing with our lives. I am not sure who originated the statement, but we should be the change that we so desperately want to see in the world. When we model Jesus, we are exhibiting the characteristics of our Savior.

3rd – Be Doers
James says, “be doers as well as hearers” and I will add readers. In order for you and I to know just what God hates, disapproves, etc we must take time to read the Scriptures. Correct thinking leads to correct living.

4th – Be Covered
In order for a soldier to effectively go to battle, the soldier must get communication from the commander. We cannot expect to have clear direction if we don’t spend time communicating with the Father. Soak in prayer daily, so that you gain wisdom and direction.

In conclusion, “whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (Colossians 3:17).

How should Christians handle offenses? Should we be offended by holiday themed cups? Is this much to do about nothing? Answer Below

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