Who Am I?

You and I were meant to be,

More interwoven than any human eye can see.

From your birth I pre-existed, just for you underdeveloped,

Until the questions about purpose prompted you to pull the lever.

You’ve read, you’ve asked, you paid for the meaning of life,

but sex, alcohol and clubs brought emptiness, heartache, and strife.

You are fully aware of how it feels to be neglected,

How it feels to have your feelings trampled on, or to be disrespected.

I’ve cried out to you and yet you do not respond,

You’ve handled me poorly and used me for your fun.

Yet, I am here and if used properly I would benefit you greatly,

For I am that which will lead you to the greatest discovery.

Some may call it coincidence, providence, or even fate,

that you are listening to me and that is by no means a mistake.

Who am I? I am the reason of life and the discussion of purpose,

I am the discourse of Him, more cunning than a serpent.

I help you reach below the surface of life and gain a deeper understanding,

about the qualities of God and what He is demanding.

I am studied by men and women from folk to academically,

I am studied in colleges and yet no one understands me fully.

“Misconceptions, stereotypes, myths, and false impressions about me abound,”

Even within the most religious communities who think they are sound.

I stand upon two distinct sources, the Good book and traditions unwritten,

utilizing these sources correctly, you will have right thinking which leads to right living.

Still not sure of my identity, let me make myself a bit more plain,

I am the discourse about the giver of life, which you think is vain.

I am avoided yet I am inescapable for I am a part of thee,

I am the study of God, I AM THEOLOGY!

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