Our Source Supplies Resources

The proper use of resources maximizes potential and the abuse of resources destroys potential. – Myles Munroe

Newsflash God is our source. God uses things as resources to assist us in accomplishing our purpose or goals. However, when we don’t properly understand the purpose of our resources it can potentially thwart our progress. The unleashing of your potential is tied directly to your ability to understand and obey their properties. It is not until we understand our resources and how to operate within them that we are able to see maximum gains.

God grants unto us resources so that we can accomplish the purpose of our existence here. When you walk into a gym, your gym membership affords you certain resources, however when you are clueless to those resources they can cause great harm. So often I see people in the gym, using equipment that is designed for one thing, but they are not obeying the laws that govern that resource. Here are a few recommendations

1) It’s okay not to know. However, what are you going to do with the lack of knowledge.
2) You have the duty to discover and develop your understanding of the resources you have access to.
3) If you don’t know the purpose of that resource, ask questions. Find a professional, or even seek online tools that can aid you in properly using the resource.
4) Determine now to use all that has been granted to you.
5) Don’t allow fear to hinder you, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

My prayer is that you will place your hope and trust in our source and thank Him for the various resources He gives us to be successful. I pray that you begin to maximize that which has been granted to you; ask Him for wisdom, which is knowledge fully understood and skillfully applied, so that you will see just how impactful you can be in the gym or out.

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