Champions of Change

I celebrate all champions for change…we all have a different part to play and I am grateful for that. Unity doesn’t necessarily mean uniformity. Just as uniformity does not equate unity, distinction does not equate division.

I am proud of the diverse group of men and women in my circle, unified by one goal…the upward call in Christ Jesus! The way we display a healthy heavenly and earthly tension are different but we are not divided. You may be a Thurgood, a Martin, a Rosa, a Harriet, or the many unnamed heroes, but it doesn’t minimize your efforts to the overall fight.

I am reminded of all of the ways a person can become physically fit. Cardio, Weightlifting, Zumba, P90X, Crossfit, etc…I may disagree with a method but I can celebrate your desire to strive for a healthier lifestyle. And just because I hold to my method doesn’t mean your method is less effective. I have seen ripped Crossfit people and fat weightlifters lol.

My point is this…it takes grace in being unified, because unity encompasses all walks of life, thoughts, perspectives etc…Someone once said, “The Christian faith did not eliminate those distinctions, but Christ’s righteousness freely given transcended those distinctions. We don’t and can’t stand before God because of our race, status, or gender. We stand before Him because He has clothed us in His righteousness, and we stand before Him with others who are different from us who have also been clothed in that same righteousness.”

Even in our fight against inequality, justice, etc we can’t stand divided; fighting amongst ourselves…it has to be an appreciation of our differences and value seen in what all have to offer. Yet enough love, courage and gentleness to speak truth in all instances. Even if it is the man in the mirror.

I stand with all in the fight against injustice (war) just not always with each method (battle).


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