Hello 2018! We Came; We Saw; We Conquered

“You cannot possess what you won’t pursue” ~ Robert L. Wagner

2017 has come and now has gone. For many of us, there are things we have left on the table. It has unfortunately become a year of regrets. A popular phrase when playing dominoes is “all money ain’t good money” and another popular phrase is “you left money on the table.” This is usually stated when a person plays their dominos the wrong way, or when they moved too quickly and didn’t realize what they had in their hand. It could also be a result of not considering every option for their next move. We call skilled players “dominologist.” Dominologist can read what you are playing, predict the domino you are about to play, and already have their next move ready to play. However, dominologist also know that when you make a good move, to first give credit on an excellent play and then take a moment to decide the best way to counter.

Sometimes we need to slow down think through our decisions and devise a game plan as to how we are going to play our hands, yet be flexible enough to know how to re-strategize mid game. Whether this is applicable personally, professionally, relationally, socially, spiritually or financially we have left some “money” on the table in 2017. Many times this is due to our own efforts, and other times people make moves that we cannot control and we didn’t have enough foresight to consider every move possible. My encouragement for you over these next few days; take some time to strategize and consider the variety of ways to play and make best use of the dominoes (skills/talents) in your hand.

I have had to do just that. I have been hit with disappointments, failures, successes, etc. Yet, in all things I maintained a long term perspective and made the necessary adjustments along the way. My desire for you/us is that 2018 will be the year “We Came; We Saw; We Conquered”

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