Self-Awareness: First Step To Authenticity

To live authentically is virtually impossible without first discovery. Self Discovery! I believe the crucial step in the journey to becoming the best version of yourself is…

You may ask, what is self-awareness? One source says it is the knowledge and awareness of you. I believe that when you are selfaware, you have an accurate assessment of your Strengths, Temperament, Abilities, Gifts, & ExperienceS (S.T.A.G.E.). It is also important to know how others perceive you, because lacking self-awareness can lead to a very confusing and frustrating life. 

Just know that the depth of your self-awareness can influence all aspects of your life. Your level of self-awareness can influence your relationships, career, happiness, and freedom. If you want to become the best version of yourself, here are a few necessary things self-awareness brings your way.

  1. Self-awareness is necessary for direction. In order to accurately understand where we are going, we must be mindful of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Being self-aware is a great way to determine the faulty beliefs and thoughts that prevent us from making the necessary adjustments in our lives. 
  2. Self-awareness is necessary for deciphering. Have you ever thought your failures were a result of bad timing? However, it is also possible that the things we went through were a result of our thoughts and decisions. We often misappropriate our negative outcomes erroneously to the actions of others, but sometimes it is a result of our decision-making. 
  3. Self-awareness is necessary for development. Without it, any personal development efforts will be severely hampered. It is the cornerstone for taking center S.T.A.G.E. Without self-care, self-improvement and self-awareness growth is nearly impossible to take place. 

Building greater self-awareness won’t happen overnight, but it can be developed. You can start building your self-awareness, and reaping the benefits, starting today! 

Here’s what you need to do today:

Make a list of your daily habits and mark each habit as positive or negative. 

Then pick just one habit to work on. It can be a positive habit that you want to develop further, or you can pick a negative habit that you want to change. Make a plan for changing your chosen habit. In doing so, we can begin moving from self-doubt and feeling inadequate to taking center S.T.A.G.E. in life.

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