4 Reasons To Sell Today

If you are on the fence about selling your home, here are 4 quick and important reasons that now is the time to sell.

(1) Buyers are desparate

Covid-19 has left many people realizing their current home is inadequate. People are looking to add another office, workspace, etc and therefore in the market trying to find the best accommodation for their living situation.

(2) Low inventory and high demand

An ideal situation is having low inventory and higher demand for a particular price point, thus getting the best possible price in the least amount of time for your home.

(3) Dedicated Realtor is key

If you want to clear as much equity as possible, having the right realtor is key. I am able to position your home strategically so that you can in fact get the most amount possible in the least amount of time.

(4) Dream now, not in the future

Don’t take this buyer demand for granted. The greatest investment you have is your current home. Sell it, clear the equity, buy a bigger house or pay down some bills. Start dreaming today of what you can do. Even If your home requires some improvement services to shine, I have an answer for that as well.

If you have more questions about the home selling process, I would love to chat or video conference with you. Call me today 817-791-0631 for a free consultation.

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