New Book Alert – Rise Slay Eat

I am super excited to release my 4th published project on May 4th.

Rise Slay Eat will take you on a practical journey to becoming more authentic. To live authentically is to burn in such a way that attracts others. However, it is a process that results in newfound self-awareness and courage to create a life that genuinely makes you proud.

This book is a journey that begins with developing the mindset of a champion. Only after setting the right attitude can we move to know ourselves a little better by being self-aware. The path continues by establishing our temperature gauge through core values and being good to yourself through self-love. As we know, we are all unique individuals, and the next step is to embrace that individuality. Even though we are unique individuals, we are not called to live on an island without others, so we will look at friendships. Creating a clear map for your life is found in the next chapter, and then we set ourselves on fire. When we are on fire, let’s continue with a healthier journey and realize that life is not just about us but how we use what we have to serve others. Finally we can take Center S.T.A.G.E. of our lives and live adventurously.

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