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Faith-Based Guide Wake Pray Train: Glorifying God with Your Fitness Is Now Available on Amazon

Wake Pray Train is an interactive guide with a view of 1 Timothy 4:7-8, stimulating physical and spiritual growth.

Robert L. Wagner, an author, speaker, and Transformation Specialist, is happy to announce the launching of his faith-based book entitled Wake Pray Train. The primary objective of this book is to stimulate both the spiritual and physical growth of the readers. 

A lot of people ask is it possible to experience a strong relationship with God? If there is a connection between physical and spiritual fitness? If it is possible to have an ongoing communication with the Lord, then what is the best way to obtain it? For many people out there who are asking the same questions, they are blessed because this book is intendedfor them. From songwriters like Tori Kelly to television shows like 7thHeaven, the arts and the media reflect postmodern individuals looking for a living faith as well as spiritually oriented life. 

Keep in mind that real faith isn’t believing only. It’s a process which engages the intellect of the individual, the emotions and the will. If one thinks faith should affect the spirit, soul and body, then Wake Pray Train: Glorifying God With Your Fitness is a must read. 

This faith guidebook takes account of the following: 

  • Survey teaching on prayer 
  • 31 Day Devotional 
  • 90 Proverbial Protein Bites (Reflection)
  • 31 Daily Prayers 
  • 31 WOD or Work Out of the Day 
  • 31 Daily Spiritual Discipline Activities 
  • A section regarding basic nutrition 
  • Sample meal plans 2 for female and 2 for male 
  • Sample workouts for both male and female 
  • Ask the trainers section 
  • And many others 

With passion, logic as well as even-handedness, which the thinking individual will love, this faith guidebook helps people face issues to faith and physical health by focusing on what they believe and how to believe. It doesn’t matter if one wants to strengthen the physical and faithaspects, the Wake Pray Train: Glorifying God With Your Fitnesscan coach, inspire, guide as well as encourage readers, and help them discover more in life that they would ever anticipatefor orimagine.  

This faith guide book receives lots of positive reviews from previous readers. Here is one proof of that claim, “Inspiring, and easy read! I love the daily devotional with sample meal plans, workouts, and shopping list. I want to recommend this book to my friend and everyone as well.”

About the Author:

While growing up in the inner city, Robert L. Wagner became involved in a detrimental lifestyle. Although he grew up in a home full of love and acceptance, his fear of rejection led him to seek acceptance in varying places. However, transformed by grace, Robert’s life took a drastic change one day and now his mission is to transform others one by one.


This faith guidebook is now available on Amazon. For more inquiries, please feel free to call customer hotline number at {817-264-6014}.

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